What They are Saying

Below are just a few highlights from the many powerful statements of opposition to the Cargill/DMB Bayfill plan

Hundreds of Redwood City residents

"As a Redwood City resident and small business owner, I fear a disaster in the making… It will create a regional traffic and infrastructure nightmare. It will also become known as the biggest environmental blunder of the 21st Century in the SF Bay Area. Besides… the entire project will be under water in 30 years or less, with the taxpayer holding the bag." – Brent Steelman

"Let’s not fill any more of our bay – this could be a beautiful habitat for all of us to enjoy forever."– Jerry Brick

"The more I learn about this proposal, the more I am against it." – Judy Borcz

Business and Labor

"Housing can go elsewhere, but these Seaport industries cannot… Asking our members in Local 853 – at Sims Metal, Cemex and Central Concrete – to sacrifice the long-term stability of their jobs, for the sake of a few good years of construction work, is a trade-off that we cannot accept." – Teamsters Joint Council No. 7

"The project described shows a surprising disregard for sound land use planning recommended by local and state agencies by locating sensitive residential uses in close proximity to existing heavy industrial operations at the Port and along Blomquist St." – Seaport Industrial Association

"Residential development and uses in close proximity to port operations ultimately raise costs, restrict cargo operations and threaten marine terminals altogether." - Pacific Merchant Shipping Association

Independent experts

“The retired Redwood City salt ponds are not an infill site.” Peter Bosselmann, an internationally-recognized urban design expert, Professor at the UC Berkeley Institute of Urban and Regional Development

"This is not an infill development and does not concentrate development along existing transportation corridors."  - League of Women Voters

“Salt ponds are not land to be paved – they are part of San Francisco Bay to be restored to tidal marsh for wildlife habitat, natural flood protection for our communities, cleaner water, and recreation areas for everyone to enjoy.” Open letter to Redwood City Council signed by over 150 current and former elected officials

"It is neither responsible nor realistic for DMB Associates to premise a huge urban development in the Bay Area on an elaborate scheme to import Kern County water."  - Congressmember Jared Huffman

"The Project would fill more than 1.5 square miles (1,000 acres) of waters of the State and United States." - SF Bay Regional Water Board

Redwood City’s Neighbors

“There was less attention environmentally to a lot of things. I think we’re all a little more sophisticated nowadays.” - Former Foster City City Councilman and City Manager, Rick Wyckoff, on filling the bay

"There are times… where the potential impacts of a proposal are so far reaching, with significant regional consequences, and require so many public concessions that it is impossible not to raise strong objections and concerns. The Saltworks project is certainly one of these proposals." – Town of Portola Valley

"There is an overwhelming body of evidence that the proposed project faces insurmountable environmental challenges and that its approval and implementation will gravely impact the project site and its environs and the San Francisco Bay itself." - Town of Woodside