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Top Reasons to Oppose Cargill

Key Articles

Saltworks proposal dropped after 3 years of heavy opposition, Palo Alto Daily Post, May 2012

Saltworks plan dries up, San Mateo Daily Journal, May 2012

Redwood City Saltworks project could take a fateful turn Monday, Palo Alto Daily News, May 2012

Redwood City shouldn't let developer call the shots on Saltworks EIR, Op-Ed, The Daily News, Mar 2012

New attempt to develop shore -- Home builder creating revised plan amid opposition, San Francisco Chronicle, Mar 2012

Hold the salt: Developer explores using desalinated water for Saltworks project, The Daily News, Feb 2012

Redwood Shores Desalination Plant a Possibility for Saltworks Water Supply, Redwood City Patch, Feb 2012

Revision to Saltworks plan renews traffic concerns, The Daily News, Sep 2011

OUR VIEW: Irony abounds in sale of Kern water, The Bakersfield Californian, Aug 2011

Water agency leaders oppose deal for proposed Cargill Redwood City development, San Jose Mercury News, Aug 2011

Redwood City's Saltworks plan faces another hurdle, San Francisco Chronicle, Jul 2011

Port Unions Officially Oppose Cargill Development, Redwood City Patch, Jun 2011

Port unions fight Saltworks project, San Francisco Business Times, Jun 2011

More unions oppose Cargill development, San Mateo Daily Journal, Jun 2011

Port unions join forces against Saltworks project, The Daily News, Jun 2011

Poll: Voters reject Cargill saltworks plan, San Mateo Daily Journal, May 2011

Environmental group's poll shows majority of Redwood City residents oppose Saltworks project, The Daily News, May 2011

Saltworks plan splits labor groups, The Daily Post, May 2011

Don’t build neighborhood on SF Bay salt flats, Redwood City voters say in new pollSF Public Press, May 2011

Redwood City sorting through a mountain of concerns about Saltworks, The Daily News, Apr 2011

Mobile home parks are invisible pawns in battle over Saltworks project, Op-Ed, The Daily News, Mar 2011

Because it’s the Bay, Op-Ed, The Daily News, Oct 2010

A tale of two salt ponds, Op-Ed, The Daily News, Oct 2010

Warming, pollution, development threaten baySan Francisco Chronicle, Oct 2010

Restoring wetlands is good for business
, OpEd, San Francisco Business Times,Oct 2010 

Major Quake, Flood Could Spell Disaster for Saltworks Project, Op-Ed, The Daily News, May 2010

Redwood City salt ponds not the right place for massive development, Editorial, San Jose Mercury News, May 2010

A traffic nightmare for the Peninsula, Op-Ed, Menlo Park Almanac, Apr 2010

Against the Bay, Editorial, The Almanac, Mar 2010  

Environmentalists, Political Leaders Push to Derail San Francisco Bay Saltworks DevelopmentThe Sacramento Bee, Mar 2010

Salt Pond Development a Real Threat to Redwood City’s Port, Op-Ed, Palo Alto Daily News, Sep 2009 

'Smart growth' or environmental mistake on Redwood City waterfront? San Jose Mercury News, May 2009 

Message to Cargill: You can't pave our Bay, Op-Ed, San Francisco Examiner, Nov 2007 

Judge: salt pond appraisal flawedInside Bay Area, Oct 2007

Photos & Video
This Week in Northern California, July 2009 (video)
Save The Bay Flickr photo set on the Redwood City Salt Ponds
Virtual Saltworks Google Earth movies by a Redwood City resident