I oppose Cargill's MASSIVE salt pond development project

The biggest threat to San Francisco Bay in 50 years are Cargill’s plans to pave over Redwood City’s restorable salt ponds. I urge Cargill to immediately halt any destructive plans to fill this key piece of the Bay and urge them to sell or donate these salt ponds to be fully restored.

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Don't Pave My Bay!

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Campaign Tidbits

January 15, 2015

Judge rejects elements of Newark's plan to pave over Bay wetlands http://bit.ly/1BJLLjG

October 30, 2014

Cargill tries to gut the Clean Water Act to build homes in the Bay http://bit.ly/1wKgkUl

April 7, 2014

Redwood City residents stop attempt to extend city services to salt ponds - http://bit.ly/1gSQl8a